About us

Our main purpose is to unite artists from the area into a coherent and contemporary voice. We wish to raise the profile both of group members’ work and of those who work within the arts in and around Leicestershire.

Our artists work in a diverse range of disciplines including painting and drawing. We are aiming to generate new opportunities and larger projects for individual artists, and we encourage collaborative work with other organisations,  providing a forum for local practicing artists to share, discuss and develop their creative ideas.
Our goal is to support and work with everyone, in particular vulnerable and marginalised people, such as those who suffer from depression, individuals with low income, people with disabilities, elderly people, refugees and asylum seekers and everyone is welcome to join. Our website is also an online showcase to discover artists in the East Midlands area. Our collection includes work from new and upcoming artists to timeless masters and our website is constantly updated to display present work.

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