Bright Art Sparks

This project is funded by a  £2,600 grant from Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation. It aims to educate asylum seekers about British values and culture by looking at the most expressive aspects and medium of our society which is art.

The project consists of a programme of 3 art workshops that will each comprise 5 weekly sessions of 3 hours duration plus an education trip to London to visit the National Gallery.

It will run over an 8 month period and end with an art exhibition displaying artworks created by the participants to the public. There will be mix participants; asylum seekers/refugees and local people.  The artwork the asylum seekers/refugees and local people create will focus on British famous artists and British culture.

We are looking at introducing them to well known British artists, and give painting and sketching classes alongside the National Gallery visits for them to express what they have learned and insights gained from the study of the artists works.

The project will finish with an exhibition – “Bright Art Sparks” where all participants art works are displayed for a two weeks. It will be attended by the participants, close family and friends and invited guests such as local dignitaries and media (150 people). Refreshments will be provided with food representing the different countries that the participants are from.

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