Artist Agayev

“Art is my passion, and my goal is to direct my students to achieve success in all their art work. Mother Nature has allowed me to develop my skills in art and directed me towards artworks and artists from whom I have learnt. It has opened doors to make my dreams come true to become an artist and I wish to help others pursue their own dreams.”

–  Artist Ali Agayev


Ali has designed 2 independent programs. the first one is  focused on Portrait classes while  the other one allows to discover basic techniques for  landscapes. In all classes you will follow a  teaching plan adapted to the lessons and the time allocated  for each subject.

For some areas of teaching,  assignments and assessments will be introduced so that students can gain recognition for their current work. This will also help to assess the progresses of each student and  if they requires extra tutoring or are ready to progress to the next stage.
Through regular assessments, students will strive to achieve and improve their skills  and eventually will be rewarded with recognised certificates for their achievements. We hope that by earning a certificate from LAZ students feel confident about their ability to demonstrate a high standard of skills and that it will inspire them to pursue a career in the Arts should they wish to.


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