Colours from the people

Colours from the people project supported by the Awards For All, Big Lottery Fund.

Our main demographic at Leicester Art Zone (LAZ) are asylum seekers and refugees. These are individuals who, for the most part, find it difficult to fit into the new environment and circumstances they are in. This is usually due to language barriers, connecting with the culture and people in their new environment.

At LAZ, we have seen first-hand, the difference that our art classes has had in the lives of those who participated in our project. To begin with, there is a noticeable boost in the confidence level of our participants. This showed in the way they interacted with other participants over time, improving their communication skills as a result. As they progress in their art training, there is a sense of passion and joy in the participants of this project, which led to them developing some painting skills.

The relaxed environment has provided our participants with a safe environment for them to make friends and socialise. It has given them a freedom to express themselves through art, and spend time with others individuals with mutual interests. Not only has this project positively affected their confidence but it has also helped them in their ability to paint. It has provided them with a firm foundation that they can strive to improve, and a desire to continue painting or pursue other artistic endeavours.

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