Brandom Room, Level 1, 10a Bishop Street Methodist Church, Leicester, LE1 6AF

On Wednesday's – Live Portrait Drawing

Class Time: 10:00 – 12.15am

Class Fee £5 (For members only)

In our two Hour Portrait Drawing/ Painting session you will learn the essentials: understanding 3D drawing, lighting/shading by value, composition, proportions, blocking in and layout. Study of Anatomy, observation of skull structure, muscles of the head, face expressions, face types, facial features, hair and clothing will be explained during each session. These sessions are challenging, require patience, observation and a lot of practice.

You will need to bring with you: A3 Sketch Pad, sketch board, charcoal stick/pencil, graphite pencil, sepia & sanguine pencils, putty rubber, pencil blending brush, paper blending stump and pencil sharpner.

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